Why Web Push Notifications?

“Email Sucks! We are all bombarded with it, open rates are dismal–yet we keep using it. Are we St_pid?”  


You’re trying to contact your customers and prospects with email. Unfortunately, email marketing is littered with problems, including…

  1. LOW open rates. The avg is only 20%–and this includes opt-in, so they are worse if they don’t know you–and didn’t request it.
  2. HARD to get Opt-ins. Opt ins get more opens, but they usually requires too much info, or some folks just don’t want more emails (no matter how good your content)–so they never sign up.
  3. LOW Conversion Rates. Even if they open it, only about 6.9% click through–ouch!
  4. INTRUSIVE. The average user receives over 81 emails per day–bombarding their in-boxes.
  5. HIGHER Costs. Email waste money and time to create it–only to be left unopened, while SMS messaging costs skyrocket (especially if sent globally)–and most folks are ticked if they didn’t request it (you don’t want that kind of response).

So, how can you get a lot more folks to opt-in, view your promotions, click through–without using SMS or email, all at a lower cost–so you can maximize your ROI (and get that fat bonus check)?

Perhaps you should consider…

Web Push Notifications!

This is a new technology that gets users attention using alert-style messages whenever they are using their web browser (does not require their email).

Following are some of the advantages:

  • 100% Delivery Rate (versus 70% – over 200 billion emails per day sent to Spam folder)
  • 100% Open Rate – Appears automatically (versus 16.2% for email)
  • 93% Read Rate. Requires action—or won’t go away
  • 30 times higher conversions vs email
  • One click subscribe – versus name, phone, email, etc. The system “remembers” them by their IP address and browser
  • Lower unsubscribes. Less than 10% of opt-ins cancel within a year

However, not all Web Push Services are the same.

Some services are…

  1. NOT Compatible. Some applications are not compatible on all platforms or browsers–so you don’t catch all your prospects.
  2. LIMITED Analytics. Too many vendors have analytic dashboards stripped to the bone–making it much harder to analyze your performance results.
  3. NOT as Automated. Others are not automated. You get the advantage of push notifications–but they require too much manual work to setup, or to run a/b split tests to optimize your messaging.
  4. PRICE Gouging. Many alternatives are WAY too pricey, or they nickel and dime you to death! Some services even sneak in Account Manager fees that increase your monthly payments exponentially.

So, how do you use this new technology to increase your response rate, on any system, automatically, and garner the most attention—all at an affordable price?

Perhaps you should consider…