Inbound Marketing Conversions:

Your Squeeze Page(s)

Inbound Marketing Conversions: Your Squeeze Page(s)

Once you have successfully installed our code and tested it on your website, you'll want to start  getting conversions!

There are 2 ways to do this.

  1. Have a "Allow Notifications" prompt on all pages. Simply add our code to the head of all pages.
    This is what your prospects and customers will see when they land on any page of your site:

    allow notifications

    (the domain will be your domain, not


  2. Use a "squeeze page" method. We recommend this for most websites, but you should test & retest both often.
    By using a squeeze page before you send your visitors an "allow notification", you will give the user a better reason to click "allow". This will dramatically increase your click-through rate in most cases. If you have one of our more advanced plans, you should definitely use squeeze pages to allow users to be segmented into products and subject matters they are interested in.

    push notification in a squeeze page

How a squeeze works:

A user visits your site. You have some copy and/or imagery in a banner, sidebar, footer or inline with your main content.
You simply state the benefits of signing up for notifications.


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You don't necessarily have to offer discounts to entice visitors to signup:

Enroll to get exclusive access to subscriber only content.
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Test, Test, Test, to find what works best for your business.

When users click-through to your squeeze page, that is where your notification code is loaded.
Instruct the user what to look for and restate your offer.

web push notifications - squeeze page

Our customers may use the above graphic on their website.

As always, if you need further information on this topic, contact us by using our support ticket system in your customer panel.