7 Reasons You Should Be Using Browser Push Notifications to Enhance Your Digital Marketing

1. Subscribe with One Click

Time can be our customer’s most valuable resource. This makes one click subscription important. As it allows you to create a bond of understanding with your new raving fan.Unlike having to take the time to fill in all the requested information on your email opt-in form which may have sent your customer to the competition’s website by now.

2. Notifications are Delivered Real Time

Browser Push Notifications are delivered in real time and customers are able to act on the notification instantly.Push notifications can be used to ask for the sale. Reminding the customer that the items in their cart are still available.You can use browser push notifications to enhance the customers buying experience. This is an opportunity to offer that upsell. “Would you like fries with that burger?”

3. Less Time Consuming

Browser Push Notifications are short and to the point. Unlike email which can require more time and effort to create the desired action. Browser push notifications are usually very short and may contain an emoji in place of an illustration or photograph.

4. Increased Click Through Rates

With Delivery, Open and Read rates of 100%, 100% and 93%, you can be certain that Seynd’s browser push notifications will reach their target and be seen. With email Delivery, Open and Read rates at 70%, 19% and 5%, adding Seynd’s browser push notifications to a digital marketing strategy will greatly increase CTR’s.

5. Audience of Choice

Through browser push notifications you are able to direct specific notifications to the perfect customer.

-Those items remaining in your cart are on special today only!
-That course on speaking in public is available now!
-Your beach vacation is ready to be booked, TODAY!
-Your bonus points expire SOON!
-What did we do to make you mad?

6. Private

When you ask a customer to opt in with an email address you ask for them to invite you into their private domain. However, by subscribing to your browser push notifications the customer doesn’t have to provide any private information. And you have the confidence that when you send your notifications that it is your client who is experiencing the notification.

7. Engaged Customers

You can send browser push notifications when your customer is likely to be most active. This will achieve a higher CTR.

You can create notifications that can be sent out in a sequential, time sensitive manner.

These messages can be personalized to encourage the customer to engage the notification in real time.

Even when your customer is not online your notification will be available when she returns.

You have invested huge amounts of time, effort and capital into developing and managing your email marketing efforts.Is now the time that you should direct your digital marketing partner to assist you in adding browser push notifications to your marketing tool kit.

Contact us at Seynd.com to learn how you can incorporate Browser Push Notifications into your digital marketing plan to take your business revenue to the next level of excellence.