Adding Our Code To Your Website

Add code to the header, footer and body of a WordPress page.

add code to the header of a cms / wordpress page

If you are doing this yourself, we recommend a plugin like the one below.

AddFunc Head & Footer Code

Other WordPress options:


Joomla extensions for adding code to the header:

Other Joomla options:


There are many CMS's on the market, but the the method will be the same for all to add code to the head of individual pages or sitewide.

Go to your CMS's plugin or extension directory / page and download their plugins. Search for "add code to head".
Your webmaster or website admin should be able to easily complete this task in a short period of time.


If you need further assistance with adding code or want to do something custom for your website, we have 3rd party contractors we work with on a daily bases.

Custom Coding

For an American contractor the rate is $125 an hour.
For an oversees contractor the rate is $75 an hour.

If you would like to hire one of our 3rd party contractors, send an email to: Specify the type a work you need in the email.

As always, you may also contact our support personal using your built in support ticket system in your user panel.

Once you have successfully installed and tested our code your website, you'll want to place the code on a page or pages that work best for you.

For instructions on that, visit our squeeze page.