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New Browser Notification Technology Allows You to Reach Your Prospects & Customers Like Never Before
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Seynd Messages Automatically Like This:

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4x more effective than email marketingMore effective than using email marketing alone

  • 100% delivery rate
  • 93% read rate
  • No costly apps to build & maintain
  • Nothing for the end user to download and install
  • One click subscribe



Web Push Notification - Not a Popup - Increase sales with push notifications

Push Notifications With Emojis

Exponentially better than email in every stat! Double the reach of mobile pushes. One-click signup / nothing to download and install.

Seynd is not a pop-up. It is a flexible browser notification that allows you to Seynd a customized message straight to your prospect's or customer's screen where it is in front of / on-top of everything else and, at any time you want to Seynd it. It won’t be blocked by pop-up blockers. Users do not need to be on your website to get notifications. Notifications are delivered to the notification area - for mobile on the top of the screen, desktop right corner.

It's a Browser Notification!

  • One Click Subscribe
  • Nothing to Download or Install
  • 100% Delivery Rate
  • 93% Read Rate
  • Works on Most Browsers and Devices
  • 100% Open Rate


When compared to traditional email marketing, it’s clear Seynd is the winner!

Toggle below to see comparisons and benefits

Seynd Outperforms eMail and Mobile Pushes

Seynd Outperforms email and mobile push notifications

eMail vs Seynd

  • Items

  • Items

  • One Click Subscribe
  • Opt in rate
  • Delivery rate
  • View rate
  • Open rate
  • Read rate
  • Click through rate
  • CAN-SPAM Act Rules
  • Neutral Sending Domain
  • Email.....

  • No: Name, email address + double opt in ... and dealing with spam folders
    One Click Subscribe
  • 1.95% opt in rate
    Opt in rate
  • 70% delivery rate / 200 billion emails a day go to spam!
    Delivery rate
  • View rate (subject line): never exceeds 45% for most email users
    View rate
  • 16.19% open rate / requires opening an email handler such as Outlook and getting a subject line read & clicked on
    Open rate
  • For email, this is the same as open rate above
    Read rate
  • 2.43% click through rate
    Click through rate
  • Yes, you need to stay compliant - and you need to watch your spam words!
    CAN-SPAM Act Rules
  • No
    Neutral Sending Domain
  • Seynd.........

  • Yes! Just a single click for a users to opt in, never any delivery issues from email providers, blacklist, ISP's, Spam Filters, etc.
    One Click Subscribe
  • 12% opt in rate
    Opt in rate
  • 100% delivery rate / never sent to spam, sent directly to their device: desktop, laptop, tablet, cell phone
    Delivery rate
  • 100% view rate / browser notifications are always on top, and the entire message is seen, not just the subject line!
    View rate
  • 100% open rate / automatically open and on top of whatever is on their screen
    Open rate
  • 93% read rate
    Read rate
  • 18% click through rate
    Click through rate
  • Never - Say what you want, the way you want to: FREE in all caps and in red as much as you want to
    CAN-SPAM Act Rules
  • Yes! Sent-To.Me
    Neutral Sending Domain


If you’re running an eCommerce store or online business, browser notifications are your opportunity to re-target and engage your customers like never before. Implement Seynd Marketing for your business and watch your sales go through the roof!

  • Combine it with email and SMS for massive results
  • Everyone Sees Your Message
  • Everyone Opens Your message
  • 2x Your Abandon Cart Conversions
  • Works on Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PC’s
Increase Sales With Push Notifications

See It In Action

Send Yourself A Message

After you click the "Try it" button below, Click "Allow" on your browser notification.

This will appear on the top left for Chrome, FireFox and Opera. It will appear on the top right for Safari. For Edge, it will appear at the center bottom. For mobile, at the top.

Send yourself a push notification

push notifications - see it in action

Click "Allow" on your browser notification

Works Across Most Major Browsers, Devices And Shopping Carts

Increase your revenue with automatic re-engagement for shopping cart abandoners.

Email is hampered by delivery issues, sent to spam issues, open and read rates. Many users only check their email a couple times a week; long after their interest in your product or service has peeked. Browser Notifications that are sent timely, are always in front / on top of everything, and they are seen when the user is still in a "checkout" mindset.

Toggle below to see a list of supported devices, browsers and languages

Browsers & Devices

Supported Operating Systems

Supported Devices / Operating Systems


IOS does not currently support web push notifications. When it does, we will add support for it.

Easily Integrates With Just About Any Website: Content Management System (CMS), Online Shopping Carts or Custom Sites

Push Notifications For CMS

... And many morepush notifications for php, asp, aspx, html, jsp, cfm, etc.
SaaS (Software as a Service) & Any online store where you can insert a line of html into the head / body of the page

SaaS (Software as a Service)

• 1Shopping Cart • 3DCart • Americommerce
• Bigcommerce • CoreCommerce • CS-Cart
• • Fortune3 - FoxyCart • Goodsie
• Jumpseller • LemonStand • Miva Merchant
• Moltin • Neto • PinnacleCart • PrestaShop
• Shopify • Shopio • ShopVisible • Squarespace
• • Tictail • UltraCart • Volusion
• Yahoo Store
And many more


• WordPress Woocommerce • BroadLeaf Commerce
• • Drupal Commerce • Jadasite
• Magento Community • NopCommerce • OpenCart
• Shopizer • Softslate • SpreeCommerce • Sylius
• TomatoCart • Virtuemart • X-Cart • ZenCart
And many more

Licensed / Enterprise


• Storefront • CleverBridge • K-eCommerce
• ProductCart • Znode Storefront
And many more

Enterprise Carts

• Demandware • Ebay Enterprise • Elastic Path
• Fry Inc • Hybris • IBM WebSphere Commerce
• Intershop • Kalio • Magento Enterprise
• Marketlive • Mozu • Netsuite SuiteCommerce
• Oracle ATG Web Commerce • ShopVisible
And many more


Seynd Platform Features

Web Push Notifications Features - Swipe for mobile, click for desktop


Step 1 push notifications

Pick the plan that’s right for you based on the number of subscribers you have or expect to have in the future.

Ass snip it of code

Step 2 push notifications

Add a small bit of code to your website. We have step-by-step instructions and if you need help, we’re here for any questions.

Step 3 push notifications

Create special offers and messages for your customers that are delivered straight to their phone, tablet or desktop.

Watch your sales increase and your revenue grow because your advertisements and abandon cart messages are front and center.

Push Notifications

Increase revenues with push notification marketing


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