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Seynd Web Push Notifications are Different.

Web Push Notification - Not a Popup - Increase sales with push notifications

Other web push notification companies offer multiple packages, then double, triple or exponentially increase your cost by requiring you to upgrade for “better” features. With Seynd, it's ONE PLAN, all features, forever.

No games here…

We offer the only ALL Features Included pricing plan on the market. You can choose our Forever Free minimalist plan or enroll in our ONE simple Forever Everything plan that gives you every feature and tool you’ll ever need.

Starting at $29 per month you’ll have access to every single premium web push notification feature we offer. As we add features in the future, your account will be automatically upgraded at no cost!

Try our Enterprise Plan for 30 days Free... upgrade at any time. You may also choose to stay with our Free Web Push Notifications, it's Free, Forever.

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Out With The Old. In With The New.

Seynd lets you retarget your customers and prospects with web push notification technology.

With the ability to personalize messages, you can send custom notifications that get higher response rates
Richard / Small Business Owner....
"Not only has our subscriber rate increased, so is our email marketing click through rate. We use pushes to let users know we sent them an offer in their inbox. This increased our email click through rate by more than 1000%. Incredible service you guys have."
No need for customers to submit personal information or fill out a form. With one click they are subscribed to your list.
Jerome / Marketing Manager...
"Our company was struggling with email delivery, inboxing, spam filters, you name it lol. Once we found browser notification marketing, all that changed really quick! Thank you for your excellent service and support!"
Seynd lets you easily schedule your notifications or set specific triggers that will send relevant content to your subscribers.
Beto / Website Developer....
"I saw this technology on a website, so I directed my web guy to look into it, he recommended your service. I signed up without really knowing what this was. A month later, our website traffic is way up, re-engagement is way up and sales hit an all time high. We sell high end products, so your service has had a very big impact on our bottom line."
With Seynd, you get ALL Features Included in your plan. As we add new features, your account is automatically upgraded.
Will / Online Retailer...
"What can I say? Your service is excellent. We got this for reducing shopping cart abandonment rates. But it's so much more than that. It has become our best way, by far, to communicate with our shoppers. Looking forward to enhancements and other products you may offer in the future."

How To Use Seynd.

Web push notifications are effective and easy.

Step 1 push notifications

Sign Up and Installation.
Simply sign up for our FOREVER EVERYTHING, ALL Features Included Plan. Then, paste the Seynd tracking code into your website (Don’t worry, we’ll show you where), and you’re ready to Seynd!

Ass snip it of code

Step 2 push notifications

Build Your List.
Visitors to your website will have the ability to sign up for notifications with just one click. No need to input a name or email. As you build your subscriber list, Seynd helps you organize and track each lead for maximum ROI.

Push Notifications

Increase revenues with push notification marketing

Step 3 push notifications

Send Traffic to Your Site.
With a list of subscribers, you can easily send web push notifications that appear instantly on their computer and present your offer. No need for leads to open emails. Seynd offers 100% delivery!

The Best Marketing Tool On The Market.

Every feature is included in our standard plan, including the ability to segment and hyper-target your subscriber list.

 Unlimited segmentation to target specific actions, views, interest and more.
 Schedule your notification campaigns days, weeks or months in advance.
Event Triggers.
Send notifications based on certain actions subscribers take.
 Use individual information from customers to create a personalized message.
Utilize our detailed dashboard to monitor results and track progress.
Add images and pictures to your messages to catch attention and increase clicks.
Opt-in Options.
 Offer discounts or special offers to encourage higher opt-in rates, increase engagement, and get more comversions .
Ideal Timing.
 Schedule notifications to be sent based on time zone for best results.
Easily manage, organize and categorize large lists of subscribers.
Increase Sales With Push Notifications

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Hannah / Entrepreneur....
"I do a little bit of everything. I make deals for merchandise and pass bulk buying savings along to my list. The problem is, a lot of these are time-sensitive offers and some are limited supply. Email is terrible for me, especially for my younger customers. Young people just don't use email often. Finding your service was a godsend! I'm not technical at all, so having something that is real simple to use is a big plus with me. Thank you :)"

Seynd Works For Everybody.

Whether your business is large or small, a blog or eCommerce store, use Seynd to engage and re-engage your site visitors and skyrocket your conversions.

Re-target abandoned carts and improve your sales.
Send more readers back to your blog over and over again.
WordPress, And Any CMS Or Website.
Engage your visitors, promote your product and services.
Add another marketing channel to your service offering.

Push Notification SaaS

Seynd Works Everywhere.

Get your message seen and read no matter what browser your customers use.

Supported Operating Systems
Supported Devices / Operating Systems

About Our Web Push Notification Service Team.

Seynd has assembled an elite team of business leaders, digital marketing experts, experienced application developers and knowledgeable USA based customer support staff.
Leadership includes Sr. VP Motorola, VP GE, launched over 450 products (Apple, Intel, Adobe, Sony, HP, GE, Microsoft and more).
Our Web Push Notification Team

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